Pudong New Area is looking at expanding a pilot project to cut red tape, strengthen regulations and improve government service, a senior official said yesterday.

Under the pilot, the separation of the processing of operating permits and business licenses is now fully operational, district deputy director Ji Zhaoliang told reporters yesterday.

The aim of one-stop government services has also been implemented, allowing approval for 327 enterprise-related procedures to be completed online or with a single visit to a service center.

And the actual processing time has been cut to an average 3.3 working days — 85 percent shorter than the legal maximum of 22 days.

“The reform of separating operating permits and business licenses not only simplifies the single issue of examination and approval but, more importantly, it changes the government’s approval management mode,” Ji said.

“For the next step, the district will explore new ways to improve the reforms, aiming to offer the most streamlined market access, the most stable risk prevention and the most convenient government services.”



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