Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, plans to open more than 1,500 restaurants in China through a master franchise agreement with Cartesian Capital Group.

The companies will establish the locations throughout China over the next 10 years, Tim Hortons said Wednesday.

“We have two main priorities at Tim Hortons: building and strengthening our brand in Canada; and expanding our iconic Canadian brand to the rest of the world,” the chain’s President, Alex Macedo, said in a statement.

“China’s population and vibrant economy represent an excellent growth opportunity for Tim Hortons in the coming years.”

China may provide a boost for a brand that has struggled in recent quarters amid disputes between parent Restaurant Brands International Inc. and Canadian franchisees.

Restaurant Brands wants to boost Tim Hortons’ sales by remodelling locations and revamping the menu with more espresso and lunch offerings.

Will Chinese President Xi Jinping promote boycotts of US brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s?

Last April, Chief Executive Officer Daniel Schwartz acknowledged results at Tim Horton’s “were a little softer than we would have liked”.


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